Product Description

Halloween Trick or Treat is a large and original colorful creative digital photo imagery package that includes material for one of the most celebrated nights of the year, Halloween.

From detailed fun ready made collages to individual alphabetical letters in candy for your personal projects to make this year’s celebration fun and unique. I also included some of the many components and props used for the collages separately for you to use in your own projects and creations.

All digital photographic collages and all imagery are my own and created for educational purposes.

11 x Pumpkins and Jack o’ Lanterns on transparent backgrounds
2 x Candy Alphabetical A2 Posters, each on transparent and white backgrounds
26 x Individual Alphabetical Candy letters from A – Z on transparent backgrounds
18 x Separate Candy and Sweets photographic images on transparent backgrounds
3 x Sets of 4 Autumn Leaves on transparent backgrounds
14 x Props and components to add to your own creations – tree, bats, grave, cipres tree, mushrooms, grass, haunted house, insects, lamp post, lantern, moon, steps, owl, crow, flying crow (all on transparent backgrounds)
9 x Creative Photographic digital Jack o’ Lantern Collages on transparent backgrounds

ABC Candy Alphabet and 2 X A2 Posters

Halloween Candy

Halloween Elements for Props

Jack-o-Lantern Collage Art

Pumpkin Patch

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