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This is the latest Avatar and Mini-me Set for Ami Workman. This set contains 31 pieces, are fully editable with lots and lots of possibilities to enrich your Teachers Pay Teachers products.

avatar minime surferkidsclipart

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Clip art and illustrations for...

activities, alphabet, avatars,  branding, blogclip art, farm, food, freebies, games, holidays, kidsmiddle school kids, rhymesscience, space, season, special days, sport, stationery, stories...

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These middle school kids are available as separate pieces or in sets.

More about the founder...

Pieter is a graphic and web designer with a 30 year career at 2 educational colleges, designing and developing for both learning aids and learning material. He has a BTech Degree in Graphic Design with several courses in computer electronic learning material design and development as well as courses in facilitation, learning aids, learning material and instructional designing. During his career he received several merit awards for his work and contribution to the development of distance and electronic learning for this specific college.

Changing careers he moved from city to town, testing different fields by freelancing for educational institutions, practising fine art and eventually entering the world of corporate and marketing design which includes branding design, marketing material design, magazine layout design as well as web development. Currently he is freelancing for different hospitality businesses as well as several smaller businesses.

His first love stays with educational material and as his career started in an era where digital education took off like a rocket, he found himself in a position where there always was a lack of illustrations to enhance learning aids and learning material. He almost always found himself searching for clip art or illustrations to enhance the learning products he had to produce. At the end of 2013 a friend introduced him to Teachers Pay Teachers, giving him a chance to design and create digital illustrations for teachers who need it for their online products selling on the world famous Teachers Pay Teachers online shop.



Pieter is happily married with Elizabe (a travelling consultant), with 2 beautiful children Nika and Eswan. Nika is a foundation phase teacher and Eswan joined Pieter in the web design business. Nika found her place in Pretoria while the rest of them operates from Jeffreys Bay, South Africa. By the way the real surfer is Eswan 🙂


Our Teachers Pay Teachers Mentor

Are we allowed to have a TPT mentor? There is one person who stands out and means the world to us... Carolyn Wilhelm from The Wise Owl Factory. Carolyn is always there with help and advice and we have a high admiration for what she has to offer to us and the educational community.

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Testimonials from Teachers Pay Teachers Clients

La Profesora Frida

La Profesora Frida

I highly recommend Surfer Kiddies for logo creation, graphics and blog design!  Working with Surfer Kiddies to design my custom business logo was such a wonderful experience.  Pieter was able to translate my creative vision into reality and launch my business to the next level with a professional look.  I knew I needed to work with Pieter again to create the perfect, custom blog design!  Pieter from Surfer Kiddies has the skillset to not only create all of the custom graphics, but is experienced in Blogger and WordPress blog designs.  I specifically needed someone who could manage the transfer of my blog from one system to the other and he carried out the entire process smoothly and efficiently.  His expertise put my mind at ease throughout the process and I now rely on him to answer all of my technical questions about blogging!  As a newer blogger, it can be confusing to wrap my head around the technical side of things and Pieter has become my Mr. Fix It whenever I need a little blog help!  He is easy to work with and efficient with his time.  He really listens to my specific business needs and takes my questions and suggestions seriously.  I can't recommend Pieter enough, he is fantastic!


The Wise Owl Factory

Your blog designs are wonderful, your technical expertise is wonderful, and working with you is easy. Thank you so much for the attractive, well-done, technically top notch, and fantastic work! You are the only artist who can design and create WordPress Teacher blogs that I have found over the years. You understand teachers! Thanks!


Smith and Lessons

I have only good things to say about working with Pieter. I am impressed by his patience, expertise and quality of work. I love my blog and how he has gone above and beyond to help me and develop the blog I wanted! Yep!


Lendahand's Printables

I am mega pleased with Surfer Kids Clip Art! My friend Asia from Limars Stars recommended him to me and I have been 100% satisfied! I am in the process of having my blog updated and I can't wait to see how it looks! All of my FB, TpT and Blog should have a unified look thanks to Surfer Kids...We corresponded via email back and forth and it was a pleasant experience...If you are looking for someone to help you 'brand' yourself...Surfer Kids just may fit the bill:) BY THE WAY: My blog is up...Come check out my great avatar!!! It's on FB too! I am so pleased:)


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